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Let’s go for a ride

Sunday, June 10, 2012- Day 1

I will gather all of the necessary paperwork that will undoubtedly prove that the company I leased my vehicle through is not only a sham of a company, but they are acting in very illegal dealing with their customers, well I only speak for myself and the my experiences with the company. I am not, in any way, well versed in the laws of leasing, but I suspect that after this is all over I will have grained an extensive amount of knowledge and will be able to weed out the shams in my future vehicle leasing and/or purchasing.

The list of things I have experienced with this company are numerous and costly

-illegal repossession

-fraudulent insurance claims

-the changing of my personal insurance policy without my consent

-holding my vehicle for ransom

-agreements made and papers signed under duress

-possibly not taking the correct amount off of the lease when payments are made.

This should be very interesting and maybe I will be able to use this experience in my future criminal justice classes, court procedures course in coming up.

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