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1st of the month

August 1, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s is August first, I can already see a change in the weather, it’s a gloomy morning. I feels like a Monday but it’s not. This is the earliest I’ve been up in a week, since leaving my postal position. I have an interview over an hour away at a photography studio. I have no formal experience in photography but I am hoping to get the chance to show how naturally talented I am, plus I don’t want to drive an hour for nothing. I also start the very temporary position that pays great but I know I won’t stay there long. This is just one of those fillers that get you to your next destination. I am so tired because the boys woke me up at like 3am. Gotta love being a single mother. This coffee is not exactly helping me to wake up, but it is very weak.

I will keep my fingers crossed, but if all else fails I have this job I’m headed to this afternoon to fall back on.

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Everything happens for a reason

I overslept today, the split shifts are destroying my body! Woke up to a message from Keith asking if i were running late. Told him yeah and I’m hoping not to get fired. I’m on my 89th day today so she had until tomorrow until she’s stick with me.

I thought it was a bigdeal but not really, they told me to come in for 12:30 so now I’m at the registry waiting to get this rmv3 form done. Welcome silver lining.

I also have to get the insurance pictures done on the car so hopefully I’m not waiting atop day in the registry. I came in got my number a116 looked up at the board, a111, thinking to myself, awesome, in and out. Well they have called every letter but the a’s and I’ve been here for 30minutes already.

Got to live the registry!

Oh what a tangled web we weave

I am now repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome. I think this makes me certifiably insane. I should have assumed that things would turn out the way they usually do. My horoscope for today says that although things look a little gloomy, there is a silver lining and I should just look for it.

I just think that I am truly an idiot and could probably use some help to get me to stop making such drastic mistakes. I wonder how the hell I can possibly get through this life with all this bumps in the road.

I think through writing this post, that I have in fact made my mind up, I’m going to do it, get out of this nightmare.


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The day that could never be repeated…………. Let’s hope


This is part of my elite team of vehicles. Well not really mine but just as well. three carriers called out today and there were some new additions to the fleet. The postmaster worked the entire day which was a shock to all but i knew she had it in her. The guys were all hot and late with the exception of Keith who’s shift ended at 3:30.


Yeah the scene looks nice but it was hot hot hot today and will be hotter tomorrow. I just hope everyone comes in to work. i will miss them all but the more i learn the happier i am about the change. I just hope it comes soon.


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Interview me please

I started sending out resumes at the end of May, beginning of April looking for a new job because of the complete discrimination at the job then. I got hired in 2 jobs that I knew were very temporary, you know, the kind of jobs where the turnover is extremely high, but I was looking for something city or federal. I then scored an interview for my current postal job and began the training the following week. I was super excited to get the postal job because it is federal. Now that I am in the post office, I’m not so sure about how cool it is. First, I do not have federal benefits because I am a PSE (postal support employee) and not a regular and I am frustrated that my boos won’t put me in the position that I thought I was going in to because she likes how I work in the other position. I am doing splits, which I’m sure I mentioned at some point, 6:30-6:30 with a lunch from 10:30-2:30, totally ruins my whole day, everyday! But, now I have an interview in the field that I want and for the city, I’m not sure what the pay is but, it’s 9-5 and that is what I need, especially with 3 kids. They would have a horrible summer if I am forced to say postal and work 6 days a week and out of the house for 12hrs a day.

Here’s to hoping, fingers crossed, wish on a star! I have to interview with 3 different people and I am sure that if one doesn’t like me it will effect my chances greatly.

Extreme exhaustion

The postal gig is not all its cracked up to be. The pay is good but the hours suck. I have been up since before the sun because I am working from 6:30am to 6:30pm. I know what you’re thinking ” that’s going to be a great paycheck!” but no, I’m not working 12hrs, I’m only doing 8. My lunch is 4 hrs from 10:30-2:30 and because I don’t want to waste gas and add miles to my car I hang around this crappy town. I did this yesterday and today and then I’ll have to do it three days next week. I’m so tired I want to cry. I think it may be time to look for work elsewhere. I have a little bit under two hours left of my lunch time and I’m sitting in the parking lot of a shopping center wishing I had my bed.

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Whisper sweet nothing’s in my ear

I am almost shocked, notice I said almost. I arrived in fitchburg this morning because I was supposed to begin the window training and the girl at the counter was like “what”. The deer in headlights look overcame her face and I found it difficult not to giggle under my breath. Leave it to the post office to be on the last minute.

The oji I’m working with is not that bad she’s been here for 20 something years. The day is dragging by and I wish it were over. I don’t think I need 40hrs of on he job training but I won’t complain that much because I had to figure everything out alone on the last job

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