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Chilling out on a hot day

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

You would never believe me if i told you! He, yes he! Text me yesterday. A picture if him and a stupid phrase, i almost fell down when i saw it. He text ass if he never left, as if he’d not been gone for a month. I’m like hi, how the hell have you been. I had a lot of words for him and he just wanted to pretend nothing happened. Anyhow, it’s still where it was two days ago and I’m proud of myself.

After all the nonsense, i wanted to treat my family for my wise decision and we had pizza and ice cream at a local homemade ice cream shop.


The I’ve creams were so huge i had wished i had gotten myself a small instead of medium.
Black raspberry
Mint chocolate chip
And i had almond joy

They were very very good and on such a beautiful day it was perfect. My oldest couldn’t finish his, thankfully the twins were willing to help him out.


We spent the day visiting family and stuffing our faces. It was great.


Sunday retreat


We escaped the madness and went to purgatory chasm this afternoon. It was a wonderful day today the heat was not horrible and the breeze was good.


They enjoyed the adventure and i enjoyed the fact thati can now take them anywhere without fear of them running in three different directions.


It would have been nice to have him with but no such luck.


Next week we’re off to fish

Worcester lights up the night

east park.


I had a blast, the boys enjoyed it throughly and enjoyed even more walking back to the car 10:30 at night. What an exciting adventure.

Happy birthday twins


The twins turned six years old yesterday. I now have three six year old boys until October when big brother turns seven. This is the reason i tell people that they are triplets. We had a blast yesterday, me especially, i got to spend the night before and the firstpart of the day with the live of my life and then the rest of the day with my boys playing shopping and having fun.


I started a trend and tradition that will keep us messy for years.


You would think it was a domino effect but you would be wrong.


That again is the youngest kid finishing off the older brother.

DIY Origami Air Fresheners w/ Coffee

June 18, 2012 1 comment

DIY Origami Air Fresheners w/ Coffee.

This origami air freshener was super simple to make. I used construction paper because it was what I had on hand and I wanted to see if I could do it. It was a breeze to make and will come in handy next to the trash bin, or the boys dirty laundry, and in their room in general lol. They thought it was pretty cool as well. I will let them have at it tomorrow.

Budget friendly Sunday fun

June 10, 2012 2 comments

We had a blast today, Sunday. A hot day and a broke mother. I ran to the dollar store and grabbed four water pistols similar to these:

I got two buckets for water and filled them up. We split into two teams using the one potato, two potato method . Each team got one bucket and could not venture ahead of it. We then went at it. I got pretty wet in the battle as did the children. After that we (by we I mean me) fired up the grill and had hotdogs and burger with ham fried rice and salad and chips.

I spent maybe thirty dollars all together for the Sunday fun. There is never any reason why you can’t have something fun to do with kids. They really do just enjoy the simple things in life, simple things like a playful parent.

Kit Kat Cake!

Kit Kat Cake!.


Inspired! Oh my goodness! This is absolutely the cutest cake I have seen in some time. I hate to say this but I will be using some variation of this cake creation for my twins birthday. I love the colors that this cake bring and it is darling. The cupcakes are very tempting (thank goodness I am not on a diet). I am a baker at heart and will (hopefully the creator won’t mind) be adding this to my bakers stash. Look forward to the pictures here because I usually start the brainstorm process months ahead of time.


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