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One moment at a time

September 27, 2013 Leave a comment

When life gives you lemons…. I’m sure you have finished this sentence because we all know this saying. I have been trying not to panic with the world crumbling around me and my big move is NOW. I stress now, because I literally have to do it now.

I have been trying to calm my nerves about it and have been having a hard time doing so, but I know I can’t panic. This morning, “the day”, I felt completely overwhelmed and so I’m currently taking a break. I went to check some emails and realized that I have been given a sign. “One moment at a time”.

Recently I gave the Wrong email to a real estate agent and when I finally got into to email account I saw that I had over 12,000 emails that have been left to accumulate over the past year. I freaked out and been to delete them. Unfortunately, I can no longer check all delete so I furiously began deleting 50 at a time.


This went on for a while, until I decided I would just take my time, check this account as frequently as the others and while in the account delete a hundred or so. I’ve been at it for days but the number of emails no longer seems overwhelming. It’s still huge but I know eventually, if I keep up with it, it will diminish.


That’s where I’m at thus far.

So the lesson I learned from my email account is twofold.
1. NEVER leave things unattended.
2. If it seems like too much to deal with, just breath, take it a moment at a time and you’ll get through.

Life is far too precious to feel overwhelmed so let it flow as it may.


Change of direction

September 11, 2013 Leave a comment

I read my horoscope prior to checking the transformation assignment of the day. My horoscope suggests that I revisit an old goal with a new breath.


I had been putting off getting my license to carry because I wanted to go to mass firearms school, but it costs a lot, especially because I’m pretty broke at the moment. Upon seeing this I chose to just go to my local police department and ill be taking the course before the end of the month!! New approach at an old goal.


I’ve felt the breeze of grace. Welcome back to the upswing 🙂

When change is inevitable

October 4, 2012 Leave a comment

I read a short story this morning. It was for my English course, thus making it a mandatory read. The title I the short story is “shiloh”. In brief, a man gets into an accident in his big rig and is out of work due to the injury he suffered. His white is now faced with having him home and in her face on a daily basis. She eventually starts to fill her day up with things so that, in my opinion, she doesn’t have to have the constant face time. Her mother is also constantly around which is noticeably overwhelming to her. The husband is doing everything in his power to reconnect with his wife yet she is fighting all of his attempts. The mother finally convinces the two to take a day trip to shiloh to experience the battlegrounds and possibly this will allow them to find each other again. They go on a Sunday and during their picnic she, without even so much as a glance in his direction, tells him she wants to leave him. You can see that this ending was inevitable and it sends a chill through my back.

I was once a married woman. My husband was in the service and was gone quite often. We had out children, which was my sole focus and somehow lost the connection that we had once had. When he had left the military for medical reasons we were faced with this same problem. We had been great friends but had lacked the intimacy that we once had. Our story ended in divorce as well.

It’s hard to maintain relationships when you have your partner around often and even harder to regain a connection once it has been broken.

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Who knows what dreams may come

I keep seeing this either in my head or somewhere on the computer or even on my phone, but it sticks with me.I can’t quote the words because I am not sure of the exact wording but it goes a little something like this.

We will never get what we want because we are too busy thinking about what it is that we don’t want.

I think that is about right. But wow, huh? It makes sense, at least for me it does. I have always thought of myself as an optimist, but when I hear myself sometimes, I think maybe this is not so true. I am a glass have empty, “but I hope it will be full someday”. I am desperately trying to shake myself out of this sort of mentality. It cannot be very healthy. I think this is one thing that I will fix. I won’t try to fix it, hope it fixes itself or any of that, I will jar myself out of the dreadful gloom and doom state that I have been trapped in.

Today, by the way, is the first official day of getting “through this” and although I struggled a lot today I did well enough. I do not know what tonight will bring, all I know is that it won’t bring you here, there is nothing that can do that

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