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Lost for words and Ideas

I am completely stuck again. It seems like I am always saying this very same thing. I think I use these times to kind of focus on the problem by writing it down and then I can work through the problem and come up with a viable solution.

Here is my problem; My youngest nephew has a problem. I noticed it as a problem a few years back but we always seem to laugh it off. He will, in the middle of the night, go through my house and eat every snack item in sight and hide the evidence. When he is confronted on the issue it is complete denial. He would do this so often that I had stopped buying so many snacks and have to continuously tell him what not to devour. It had gotten so bad that, one day when I was cleaning in the laundry space I looked inside of a cooler and found a slew of wrappers from all the candy that I keep around the house and disallow my kids to constantly eat. I again asked him, he again denied. I would explain to him that we live in this house everyday and none of these mysterious things happen until he comes. My kids even complain because, “mom, he’s gonna eat all the snacks”. I feel bad but I do not buy as many snacks as I used to.

Because I don’t so those things any more, he would go through my personal things and find any candy or gum and eat it. He would then leave wads of gum on the floor, the table, the counter, anywhere. One day I was getting ready to leave the house and as I went to turn out the light, I noticed that a candy man, made of fully wrapped gum, tootsie rolls, and a box of raisins, was now just a box of raisins hanging from a string, again denial.

My sitter had asked me where her toothpaste was, and why her flashlight was taken apart and batteries removed, I had no answer but him. I wouldn’t ordinarily jump to a conclusion but earlier that day I picked his head phones up from the floor and went to place them in his bag when I noticed that he had taken more than half of my flosses; the single ones. I had also noticed that there was a dismantled flashlight on the bathroom counter and one on the kitchen counter.

Tonight he is here again, short notice and I had purchased some snacks and stuff which I quickly hidden in the pantry. As I am readying myself to go to the store, something told me to go to the laundry room because I had thrown a silver certificate on the top shelf when I found it somewhere strewn about the house. I searched and searched and the certificate is gone. I know it doesn’t have legs, it’s a dollar bill. My kids are too short to get up there. I asked him to keep an eye out for it, just so he knows that I know that it’s missing, he immediately went to the area that it was in, and said he would keep an eye out. I went to the store fully expecting that upon my return I would find the dollar in it’s place but know. I have though, gotten questions about it’s value and importance.

It’s a sad day.

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