Kicking my feet up and relaxing for a bit. I got the letter from NPD with the test date and time. I instantly became nervous, I am trying now to just calm down.

Everyone keeps telling me that it will be easy to all of those sit ups in just one short minute. I keep trying to remind people that I am not them, I am still me. I am the one that drives to the corner store. The one that exercises zero times a week. I am starting from scratch, and I have 2 weeks to do it in.

I know that I will do it simply because the only thing that I have wanted more than being in law enforcement is being a mother and I am that three times over. It is time for me to get that dream and hold on to it for dear life.

I will do those sit ups, push ups and run that mile and a half. I will bench press whatever they say and I will do it in two weeks. So for now I kick up my feet and relax my soul so that I do not burn myself out.

I just want so bad to get the letter in the mail telling me which day and time to report to the academy. NPD HIRE ME!


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