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I am in no way shape or form the type of person that would mess with the emotional aspects of a person. I don’t lead people on, especially not intentionally. That being said, I am currently in the most curious conversation with a gentleman. This, and I even said this to him, is the most intriguing conversation that I have had in a very long time.

We exchanged numbers so that we could text and get to know each other a little bit. <– doesn’t affect me because there is no personal information tied to my phone or number.

Starts like this,

“send me some pictures of you”

“I don’t send pictures from my phone but….. And I sent my dedicated Facebook, caller ID picture.

“Why not? Your(yeah I know) a natural beauty! Send me some body pics”

“No Sorry”

I know, at this point I should have completely blocked his number and called it a day, but being out of work and having nothing else to do, I could not resist.

HIM “Oh.. So your(Iknow, Iknow)one of those girls??

“How am I supposed to know what you look like??

ME:   “Generally people get to know each other then the physical”

He then sends a topless picture of himself, which I have got to say, is not a bad sight.

ME: “Well that’s nice”

Him: Hmmm.. That’s not true.. It’s quite the opposite if you must.. If you see someone on the street you evaluate their physical to see if there’s attraction”

ME: “You are right about that”

Him: “First and foremost then you get to know each other”

Him: I know.. That’s why I’m asking for pics:)”

So I sent this picture of me. I can’t say that I don’t like to show off sometimes.


He then sends me a picture of his muscles, weren’t bad but I don’t dig’em

HIM: Very sexy!!! More pls”

ME: Very nice” <–in response to the muscle pic

HIM “Thanks!”

ME: Your welcome <– the your instead of you’re was intentionally done because….. well you’ll see.

HIM: Send me more pics pls”

HIM: “Your <–see what I mean| very sexy”

ME: “Thank you ___”

HIM: “how tall and weight”

HIM:” I’m 6’00 and 210 pounds solid!” <—-wooah muscle head

ME:”5’9 130

HIM: What are your body measurements? Chest body hips?

ME: “Now ___ Measurements?

HIM: Yup… I guess you get easily frayed??

ME: “No I’m just not in the place in my life where everything is about the physical, been there done that”

HIM: ” For a woman to make a statement like that is rare.. Physical is not important?”

ME: “Yes, physical is very important, just doesn’t build a foundation for a stable relationship. Seeing how my last relationship was based purely on the physical I have decided to take a different path <—total bs I just wanted to say physical a couple more times

HIM: “I can understand your pov (power of veto #bigbrother) but as a visual male ( a man that can see???) who likes physical (needs ass now)it helps(to masturbate).. I’m also all about the intellectual (your vs you’re proves his point??!!:)) and great convo too… I hold two degrees in business management and communication.,”

ME: “I can see how as a visually driven (pig) individuality it can be most important to have photos. I don’t, however, know my measurements (hahahahaha I love me)”

HIM:” ok good.. Then let’s stay on the same page.. Send me various pics of you to allow me to have a better idea of your physical… Fair Enough??

I could not even stop laughing.

ME: And then? I have to say this is by far the most intriguing conversation I’ve had with anyone in quite some time. <—told you I said it.

HIM: Well stay tuned because it gets better as we go!

HIM: And then?

So I’m like; this is fun, let’s keep it going, shall we? And sent this pic


HIM: “Okay.. Now we are getting somewhere! Very Nice! Continue!

ME: “What you proposed sounded a bit like a compromise, especially because it ended with “fair enough”, except there was only one side. “Send me various pictures” usually there is something for one and something for another.

HIM:I’m all about compromise my ebony pineapple… Ask and you shall receive.





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