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Where have the professionals gone?

How completely unprofessional an experience I just went through. The interview was a complete bust. First of all it is an hour drive to the destination so being me, always early, I arrive with a half and hour to spare. I sat outside listening to the children play and scream for fifteen minutes and then prepared myself to enter. I get inside and the receptionist motions me to sit down at her desk, while she continued the phone call that she was on. After ending her call , she turns to me and says, how can I help you today? I explain to her that I have an interview at 10am with Bob, because I probably seemed a bit reluctant with the name she asked me if it were possibly Don. I told her that I had the names of two gentlemen one of which would be conducting the interview. She said that I had to fill out an application. I tried not to give her a strange look but found it hard. Hello! today is my interview. Whatever, I complied, thankfully I arrived early because I used that time to complete the application by 10. After I finished she said she would page Bob for me. She walk back to her desk, pulled out the side thing that had papers taped to it, and started to scroll down the list that was there. She then began to scroll up the list and in a semi-circle, I assumed she either didn’t know what she was looking for or could not find it. Two minutes later, after paging no one she looks at me with apologetic eyes and says, I’m sorry, they are both in a meeting. I gave her a look of amazement because of her psychic abilities. “They will be in this meeting until noon, would you be staying around, maybe you could go grab lunch or something.” she says to me. I had to compose myself because man is she good, not only did her spider senses tell her they were in a meeting, they also told her that the meeting would end at noon and that I was hungry for some lunch at ten in the morning. I took a deep breath and said calmly, because of the customers that were present; “ummmm, I don’t think I will be around because, I had a meeting with them for an interview at 10am, it was a scheduled affair……. So no.” I didn’t mention that I had driven an hour to be there and on time. She looks at me after I told her it was a previously scheduled thing and says, straight faced I swear, ” Oh well it was an impromptu meeting, I’m sorry” holy mother of mine, really, is this girl serious because if so she is in the wrong field, she could make so much more money if she just would be a psychic detective or something. That’s what I would do if I were her, and had her magical powers which probably include some telepathy as well.
After I had left the place and returned to my car, I called the guy I scheduled the interview with. He seemed shocked that this had occurred and was apologetic and he said he would call the people I was supposed to meet and find out what in fact had happened. I just wanted him to know that I did not flake on the meeting. 20 minutes later after I’m crossing the Massachusetts border I noticed that I had a missed call. I waited for the message to come through and it was Bob. His message was, ” I am sorry, but unfortunately the girl at the front desk gave you some misinformation, she was under the impression that someone else was going to be conducting the interview, but in fact it was to be me, and I’m not in a meeting”. I called him back after returning home, an hour later, and let him know that I had left my resume and application with “the girl” and that he could call me if he wanted to set something else up. How do I find these people?

Having completely wasted my morning that could have been filled with making hot breakfast for my kids, I have finally calmed down, I had a little assistance though…………..To Be Continued.

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